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Top story: Brexit causes a fresh split

Good morning, Graham Russell here bringing you a digest of this morning’s news.

Plenty more ink is being spilled over Brexit, with Tory members of a parliamentary committee disowning their own report on leaving the European Union. One objector, Dominic Raab, described it as “rushed, skewed and partisan”. This comes a week after a third of the committee walked out of a meeting to discuss the report, angry at its negative tone.

The committee chair, Hilary Benn, said the report was balanced and an example of a “select committee doing its job”. Labour MP Pat McFadden said his pro-Brexit colleagues were simply “annoyed by the facts”. The underlying bone of contention appears to be the report’s criticism of a lack of preparation for a worst-case scenario: exiting the EU without a trade deal.

The report agrees with another committee’s conclusion that moving to deal on World Trade Organisation terms would be a “very destructive outcome” and says it is essential for MPs and Lords to have a vote in such a scenario.

Still, the good news is that Theresa May has laughed off the idea of declaring war on Spain over Gibraltar, and Boris Johnson will use a meeting with his German counterpart to say the Rock will not turn into a bargaining chip.

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