23 Recent Books By Women You Should Read ASAP


    Historically, women artists have rarely gotten their due. But there’s no time like the present ― especially this Women’s History Month ― to change that, and to make sure that we’re appreciating all the genius work women writers are doing.

    In the past year, we read dozens of brilliant books by women. We read insightful essays that cut to the heart of the human experience, and we read lyrical short stories that moved us to laughter and tears. We read epic novels that contained unimaginably capacious worlds. 

    Here are 23 of the most unforgettable books by women that we read recently:


    Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin

    “It’s a quick read that’ll leave you in a sweat, if not a panic. If you like your endings happy, or at least conclusive, the journey will be futile. But Fever Dream is worth reading for its inventiveness alone. Schweblin gives us memorable characters and a haunting parable, all in fewer than 200 short pages.”


    Random House

    The Girls by Emma Cline

    “As full as the book is of clearly articulated notions, paragraph-long observations on the paradox of feminine power and girlish powerlessness, it’s not a creed; Cline carefully treads along a well-paced plot, drawing characters with heart along the way. She manages to reflect on the tension between the selves we perform and the selves we feel we are — “affected” is a favorite alternative to “said” — without getting mired in commentary. The result is a book as fast-moving as a van on the run, as dark and atmospheric as the smog it cuts through.”

    Blue Rider

    Little Nothing by Marisa Silver

     “Silver’s book is magical and parabolic, but it doesn’t have…

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