Shadow Of War’s Dev On New Nemesis System, Movie Connections, And Larger World


    Yesterday developer Monolith Productions showed of 16 minutes of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War gameplay. To get even more information about the game, our US and UK offices had a chance to sit down Monolith’s VP of creative Michael de Plater to talk about lore and the new Nemesis system.

    The questions and answers below are a compilation of both interviews and are not ordered as a transcript of the talk.

    The New Nemesis System

    GamesSpot: What are the key pillars of the Nemesis system that you really wanted to focus on for the sequel?

    Michael de Plater: It’s hard to distill it down into a single answer because there was a lot. I think the biggest one was looking at people’s stories, whether it was Reddit or YouTube. What were the most emotional? The strongest emotions are the most resonant stories; what do people remember or what do they identify with and how could we really double down on that? What were the things that make those stories stronger and also ensure that everybody had a really good experience? Some people had these amazing Orcs that they remember, they build these relationships with them, and they just love to hate them. And then they get up and they kill this Orc and then they feel sad because they’ve developed this relationship and now that was lost.

    But then other people, especially people who are very skilled and didn’t die, basically didn’t get to experience that at all. Or players that were more casual and who died a lot would have their enemies grow too powerful, and they’d drop out.

    We wanted to make the whole system smarter to ensure that everybody gets these memorable, personal stories so.

    The other focus was to create a lot more…

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