Mass Effect Andromeda: How To Skip Multiplayer Missions And Still Get Rewarded


    Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s multiplayer missions, which reward you with items and XP that carry over to the main game, are skippable–but you can still grab some rewards.

    On Twitter, Andromeda producer Fernando Melo and lead designer Ian Frazier revealed some new information about the game’s multiplayer missions.

    Melo said that, instead of playing missions in multiplayer, you can send out a Strike Team (an AI-controlled group of allies) to attempt the mission for you. This group, if successful, will still gain XP and can level up, increasing the chances of them finishing tougher missions. If you were to play these missions in multiplayer, it appears you would gain XP for yourself, as well as some in-game currency–though these details are a little unclear.

    In addition, there are some Strike Team missions that cannot be played in multiplayer. These cannot be retried if you fail, says Frazier. Melo goes on to state that Strike Team soldiers are “randomly generated” and their appearance “fairly abstracted,” though you “do get to see the rough racial composition of each team,” Frazier added.

    Lastly, the pair of developers says Strike Teams will have different traits, which will dictate which missions they’re good or bad at. You won’t get to choose the makeup of any one team, but you can decide which team tackles any one mission.

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