Senator Lindsey Graham on healthcare: ‘I don’t know what the GOP plan is’ | US news


    Senator Lindsey Graham told a rowdy town hall in South Carolina on Saturday healthcare was going to change. He just could not say how.

    “Can I let you in on a little secret?” the Republican told roughly 1,000 people packed a theatre at Clemson University. “I don’t know what the GOP plan is.”

    Many people inside and outside the Republican party do not know where the GOP plan to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), often called Obamacare, currently is. Amidst uncertainty over the form of such legislation and its likely political cost, Republican leaders in Congress are reportedly keeping a draft law under lock and key.

    This week the Democratic representative Steny Hoyer, of Maryland, led a group of journalists on a hunt for the law, through rooms in and around the US Capitol.

    The Kentucky Republican senator Rand Paul, a dissenter to party orthodoxy about how to replace the ACA, also failed to find and see the law.

    Donald Trump, meanwhile, drew criticism when he told an audience of healthcare executives at the White House: “Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated.”

    Trump: ‘Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated’

    A draft plan was reported by NBC last month. It contained steep cuts to coverage provided by the ACA and the introduction of tax credits instead. Medicaid coverage would also be cut back sharply.

    At Clemson, Graham said he was still vehemently against any single-payer, government-run healthcare program, which he said would cost too much and would not provide choice. He said he would like states to be able to choose whether to keep Barack Obama’s law, with tax breaks introduced to encourage the use of health savings…

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