Horizon Zero Dawn Designer Responds to Appropriation Criticisms


    Chaos_Order2h ago

    You can literally never please these people. And do you know what that attitude does to a person’s psychology?

    Say you start a new job and after a week, your boss reprimands you for slacking off. So the next week you try harder. Then at the end of that week, you’re told the same thing by your boss. So you try harder, and you’re told the same thing. So you push yourself to your absolute limit, and you’re still told to stop slacking off. So what do you do next? You slack off. You slack off more than you ever have in your entire life. You completely take the piss and make no effort to work hard.

    This is what these people are creating. Telling and teaching are two very, very different things. They are telling us to be more politically correct. They are TEACHING us to do the exact opposite. One day, the world will hit breaking point, and it will be the fault of the SJWs.

    And anyway, “cultural appropriation” is complete BS. Anyone who uses that term with a straight face is a bigot and deserves a slap.

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