Vegas ‘Cannabis Cup’ Frowning On Weed After White House Threat


    2/28/2017 4:20 PM PST


    President Trump‘s promise to get tough on marijuana is harshing the mellow at a famous cannabis festival in Las Vegas, which is suddenly abiding by federal laws — meaning NO GETTING HIGH.

    Organizers for this year’s HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup — which kicks off in March — tell us weed is NOT allowed at the event this year, and that goes for headliners Ludacris, Chief Keef and Cypress Hill’s B-Real too.

    Even though recreational weed is legal in Nevada, we’re told the feds informed the Moapa Paiute Tribe — who own the land where the event is going down — that federal law prohibits transport, possession, use or distribution of marijuana.

    The threat seems clear: We’ll be watching. Plus, White House press secretary Sean Spicer recently said point-blank they’d be cracking down on weed.

    HIGH TIMES reps say they’re still expecting a great event, but want to comply to help the cannabis industry “continue to gain legitimacy and social acceptance.”

    Talk about a buzzkill. 


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