Big Little Lies Power Ranking: Who Came Out on Top in Episode 2?


    This week’s episode of Big Little Lies has already gone up on HBO Go and HBO Now, since it conflicts with the Oscars, so make sure you’ve watched “Serious Mothering” before continuing!

    There’s one big rule when it comes to kids and birthdays: if you’re gonna invite the whole class, you have to invite the whole class. 

    Sure, Ziggy allegedly strangled Renata’s (Laura Dern) daughter Amabella (say that sentence 3 times fast), but there’s no proof that it happened, and at the very least, it was rude as hell to hand out the invitations at school. Renata, we know you’re busy being very successful and all, but come on! 

    Renata’s exclusion of little Ziggy launched an all out war thanks to Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), who declared that if Ziggy couldn’t go, Chloe wouldn’t be attending, either. And in fact, Chloe, Ziggy, and Chloe’s friends would instead be going to Frozen on Ice. So there, Renata!

    Meanwhile, Madeline’s husband (Adam Scott) and ex-husband (James Tupper) appear to also be in a war, and Alexander Skarsgard continues to quietly terrify as we learn more and more about his complicated marriage to Celeste (Nicole Kidman). Plus, someone’s still dead, and we still don’t know who. 

    As we did last week, E! News is here to add our two cents into the mommy drama by pitting the leading ladies against each other in power rankings. Who’s on top? Who needs to buck up? Let’s find out! 

    5. Celeste Wright (Nicole Kidman)

    Celeste went down a point this week,…

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