Apple acquisition confirms facial recognition is coming to iPhone 8?


    The latest rumors suggest that the Apple iPhone 8 will give up Touch ID in exchange for facial recognition. This might have been confirmed by Apple’s rumored acquisition of Israeli start up Realface. The company’s facial recognition technology can be used to verify the identity of an iPhone user using details of his/her face. While the price of the deal has not been released, it is believed that Apple paid a couple of million dollars for the company.

    Realface claims that its facial recognition software has a 99.67% accuracy rate, which is even higher than the 97.5% rate that humans can score with the naked eye. Even more impressive, the company’s software can correctly identify identical twins. Not only can the company identify faces, its program can also take a person’s expression and figure out what his/her mood is

    The 10th anniversary Apple iPhone 8 model is expected to feature a display that completely covers the front of the phone. As a result, Touch ID was rumored to be embedded under the screen. But just in the last week or so, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has said that Apple has changed the plan. Since it can not apparently embed Touch ID under the display, it will move forward with a facial recognition system instead.

    Lately, whenever Apple needs some technology, it looks toward Israel. The country has an overlooked high-tech industry and Apple has purchased several Israeli tech firms. For example, while working on a dual Camera setup in 2015, Apple bought LinX for a reported $20 million dollars. In 2013, Apple bought 3D sensor manufacturer PrimeSense for $345 million, and in 2011 Apple…

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