5 best online FPS (first-person shooter) games for Android and iOS (January 2017)


    There are loads of great online first-person shooters out there, loads. No matter whether you’re looking to blast other players online on alien planets in the distant future, or prefer to travel back to the battlefields of World War II, there is no shortage of games to satisfy your trigger-friendly fingers. Unfortunately for mobile gamers though, the majority of popular franchises representing the online FPS genre have been traditionaly available on consoles and PC only. However, in recent years, there have been more and more quality online FPS titles released for Android and iOS. In fact, there are so many out there these days, on both Google Play and the App Store, that you may find yourself at a loss in the sea of uninspired titles, generic screenshots, and false promises.

    That’s why we decided to explore the wilderness, weed out the countless copy-cats and cash grabs, and tell you which online shooters we found worthy of our time and money!

    Bullet Force

    Free, offers in-app purchases

    Bullet Force is a mobile FPS that brings the excitement of online multiplayer franchises like Call of Duty to the palm of your hand. From the well-thought maps allowing for frantic skirmishes and tactical play, to the variety of game modes, customizable perks, and kill streak bonus extravaganzas, Bullet Force doesn’t shy away from its inspirations and strives to translate the AAA features that console and PC gamers have been enjoying for so long over to smartphones and tablets.

    Bullet Force handles very well using the on-screen controls, while also offering a fully customizable HUD for the most serious competitive players out there. It may…

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