Wonder Woman: This Harry Potter Actor Might Play The Main Villain


    According to a new report, Harry Potter actor David Thewlis may play the main antagonist in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Batman News (via Collider) is reporting that Thewlis–who played Lupin in the Harry Potter series–will portray Ares in the film; the character is reportedly a mixture of CGI and practical effects.

    Last month, it was reported that Ares, the God of War, might be the main bad guy for Wonder Woman, but at the time there was no word on casting.

    The image above, shared by Twitter user Stitch Kingdom, reveals what Ares may look like in Wonder Woman, thanks to the character’s figure from the New York Toy Fair. You can see more images here at ToyArk.

    In DC’s Wonder Woman comic books, Ares has been a major adversary since the very first issue was published in 1942. Onscreen, he was previously played by Alfred Molina in the 2009 animated Wonder Woman film.

    Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot as the Amazonian princess-turned-superhero, alongside Chris Pine, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen. It is directed by Patty Jenkins and hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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