More sources tip $800+ Galaxy S8 price, colors may include Black, Gold, and Orchid Gray


    When a leakster tweeted that the Galaxy S8 will start at $849, we collectively gasped, but since it wasn’t clear at the time if that’s for the smaller or the eventual larger model, it kind of flew over our heads. Then this past Friday came a posting from an Ukrainian e-tailer database that allegedly tips the prices and colors of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, and those translated to $950 and $1050 after currency conversion, as you can see in the table screenshot below. 

    That’s a Benjamin up from what the previous tipster said, but let’s keep in mind that prices vary widely from one country to the next. The third S8 pricing tip comes courtesy of a Chinese leakster account, and they claim that the Galaxy S8 will start at 6088 RMB, which is about $885. That’s the price they got from sources in China, of course, so it may be valid for the local market only, and yet there is clearly a trend.

    The reason for the eventual flagship price increases this year? Well, those flexible OLED displays, dual cameras and other shenanigans are apparently raising the bill of materials for our beloved brands, and they will lovingly pass the increases onto us.

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