Warlord Arkan’s widow shows off lavish family home on social media which is full of antiques, fine art and flowers


    The luxury lifestyle of the widow of a notorious war criminal who was assassinated in 2000 has been revealed on social media for the first time.

    One of Serbia’s most popular singers , Svetlana Raznatovic, still lives in the villa she shared with Arkan, one of Eastern Europe’s most feared and successful criminals before the Yugoslav Wars.

    Until now Belgrade was only familiar with the outside of their home, but what went on behind closed doors was a closely guarded secret.

    Anastasija Raznatovic’s father was the feared warlord Arkan

    Singer Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic

    Anastasija Raznatovic, daughter of feared warlord Arkan who was assassinated in 2000

    The decor in one of the rooms of the Raznatovic family home

    Ceca Raznatovic with her son Zeljko Raznatovic and her daughter Anastasija Raznatovic

    Svetlana, better known by her stage name Ceca, lives in the grand house next to the Red Star Stadium in the Serbian capital Belgrade, with their two children, son Zeljko, 20, and daughter Anastasija, 18.

    Like most young people of their age, Zeljko and Anastasija share every detail of their life on social media.

    And their photographs reveal a lavishly decorated family home, full of antiques, fine art and flowers.

    Gold detailing can be seen on picture frames, railings, mirrors and chandeliers, and the home also features classical-style columns.

    Arkan with his wife Svetlana

    Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan, leader of the Serbian…

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