Justin Bieber Buys Starbucks for Orange County Sheriff Deputies


    2/13/2017 2:25 PM PST

    Exclusive Details

    Justin Bieber made nice with a bunch of cops this weekend by getting ’em hopped up on caffeine.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Biebs took his Lambo for a coffee run Saturday night in Mission Viejo, and happened to show up as a few Orange County Sheriff deputies were waiting too. We’re told Justin volunteered to cover their orders.

    When even a few more deputies came in — and happened to be JB fans — he kept the goodwill going with selfies. Clearly, that photo ban doesn’t apply to everyone. Don’t worry, the baristas made out too with a $10 tip, we’re told.

    They chatted for about 15 minutes before Justin bolted … at posted speed limits, we’re sure.

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