Gordon Ramsay’s Advice for Masterchef Jr. Contestants Is Advice For All of Us


    Gordon Ramsay may be a professional TV chef, but he’s also known for his tendency to tell it exactly like it is to the grown up chefs on his various TV shows, and to also tell it using as many four letter words as he can. 

    On Masterchef Jr., however (which returns tonight on Fox), he’s got to tone things down just a bit, just to make sure he doesn’t have a kitchen full of kids crying at one of his masterful insults. And not only does he tone things down, but he also gets straight up inspirational. 

    “I think what it’s done across the country is it starts to reignite the importance of eating well and growing, so in all honestly, I’m firm, I’m fair, I liken myself to like a sort of football coach,” Ramsay told E! News when we joined him and Christina Tosi on the MasterChef set. “I say to them the minute they walk into this kitchen, there’s no teachers, there’s no parents, be you, and give me your best, because finding that passion in life is really important to hold onto. And that level of confidence exudes when they get better at cooking.” 

    “We’re very straight with them, because that’s our role as judges and mentors,” fellow judge Christina Tosi says. “It wouldn’t be fair if we were anything less than that. 

    Ramsay may be so good at working with kids partially because his own kids have also started making waves in the kitchen. His 15 year-old daughter, Tilly, is about to publish her own cookbook,…

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