Swedish anti-abortion midwife sues officials in job claim


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    Ellinor Grimmark’s complaint has become a test case in Swedish healthcare

    A Swedish midwife who refuses to carry out abortions is appealing to a labour tribunal after being turned down for jobs at local clinics three times.

    Ellinor Grimmark objects to abortions because of her Christian beliefs. It is seen as a test case, partly because a big US Christian group is backing her.

    The US Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a partner of her legal team – Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers.

    In 2015 a district court rejected her discrimination complaint.

    Ms Grimmark is suing the Joenkoeping regional health authority. The appeal hearing is still under way, and the verdict is expected in a few weeks’ time.

    Under the 2015 court ruling, she was ordered to pay the authorities’ legal costs.

    Sweden’s discrimination ombudsman also ruled against her.

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    Swedish midwives are given more medical competence than in many other countries

    According to UN data, Sweden has one of the highest abortion rates in Europe – it was 20.8 per 1,000 women in 2011. The UK figure in 2012 was 16.6, and among the other figures for 2012 were: Norway (15.5), Russia (34.2), Estonia (23.7 -…

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