How family helped save Gary Barlow and make Take That star shine again


    Dancer Dawn Andrews went bright red as Gary Barlow sauntered over at the end of rehearsals. And when he said hello, she was speechless.

    It might not have been the most promising start to a relationship – but it would turn out to be one of the longest and happiest romances in showbusiness.

    It’s the lasting love that makes him tick. The love that led this private man to tweet three days ago: “17 years ago we tied the knot! Happy Anniversary Mrs B xxxx”

    Their brief encounter rehearsing for the 1992 Children’s Royal Variety Performance was the second time they had met – and the second time very little happened between them.

    Gary’s romantic tweet

    They first met briefly two years earlier in pre- Take That days when the starry eyed lad from Frodsham in Cheshire made a dreadful pop video and she was hired as a dancer.

    But as Take That went from being a twinkle in the eye of manager Nigel Martin-Smith to the UK’s top boy band, their paths were due to cross again. And it was the third time, in 1995, that really counted.

    Bandmate Jason Orange’s job was to find dancers for the Nobody Else tour and didn’t realise Dawn and Gary had met.

    At that point there had been no one special for Gary’s since he split from girlfriend Nicky Ladanowski.

    Gary Barlow launches X Factor rival Let It Shine

    Take That star Gary Barlow

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