Shocking footage of parkour group riding Paris metro a month before member Nye Newman killed in accident


    Shocking video has emerged of British freerunners ‘trainsurfing’ on the Paris metro just weeks before their friend was found dead between two carriages.

    The footage shows them leaping on top of the wagons – and stood on top of a train ‘riding’ it as it speeds through central Paris with the Eiffel Tower lit up in the background.

    MirrorOnline reported yesterday how friends of parkour enthusiast Nye Frankie Newman, 17, from Guildford – who died in after a mystery “train accident” in the early hours of New Year’s Day – insisted he hadn’t been ‘trainsurfing’ at the time of his death.

    Last night the state-owned public transport operator which runs the Paris metro insisted Newman – who also went by the name Nye Brewman after the name of his freerunning group – had been seen “between two wagons at the time of the accident”.

    RATP said he was a member of a “trainsurfing” crew which had been seen on the same metro line 6 in early December.

    Today video entitled “TRAIN SURFING PARIS!! (NEARLY CAUGHT)” – and involving members of the Brewman freerunning group has surfaced online – shot by Newman’s best friend Rikke Brewer.

    It begins a group of five young men – some using scarfs to cover their faces while others are clearly visible – running to ‘catch’ a train stood at a station.

    But they clearly have no intention of buying a ticket and getting on through its doors on the platform like the rest of its passengers.

    Instead they climb up railings to get access to the roof of the station – and from from their they jump down onto the top of the train carriages.


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