Nicole Kidman's dance moves on stage beside Keith Urban divide social media


    Nicole Kidman’s surprise performance on stage as her husband Keith Urban belted out tribute pieces at a New Year’s Eve gig in Nashville has divided opinion on social media.

    Fans labelled her dancing ‘the cutest thing ever’ while others said she looked ‘awkward’ and questioned whether she’d had too much to drink.

    The Australian Hollywood star swayed her hips beside Urban as he performed tributes to the music legends who died in 2016. 

    She joined her country music star husband as he belted out renditions of hits by David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen.

    Nicole Kidman waves her arms as husband Keith Urban performs in Nashville, Tennessee 

    Nicole Kidman is in an upbeat mood as she dances beside her crooner husband 

    Twitter lit up, with some praising Kidman’s dance moves. 

    ‘Nicole Kidman dancing on stage was pretty cute too,’ one woman wrote.

    Bryan Scott Dugan was also impressed.

    ‘Nicole Kidman dancing behind Keith is the sweetest,’ he wrote. 

    Another man also gushed with praise. ‘Keith Urban singing tribute songs and Nicole Kidman dancing is gold,’ he said.  

    But several tweeters accused Kidman of making the impromptu appearance on stage because she had drunk too much.

    One man from Nashville clearly wasn’t impressed.

    This tweeter was clearly impressed with Nicole Kidman’s spontaneity on the stage

    This man was among the kinder tweeters when it came to Nicole Kidman’s dancing 

    This woman accused Nicole Kidman of being drunk on stage when she danced

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