Don't Expect Red Dead Redemption 2 or Andromeda on Nintendo Switch


    wonderfulmonkeyman11h ago(Edited 9h ago)

    Even if this rumor is true, I find it positively hilarious that their reasoning for not bringing Andromeda to the Switch was because of how the third game sold on the Wii U.XD

    I mean seriously, let’s review, shall we?

    ME3 on Wii U:
    – Came out later than all other versions meaning sales of it were going to be lower regardless.
    – Did not get all of the multiplayer content.
    – Was what they chose to bring out as a solo game despite a Trilogy Collection releasing around the same time on all other consoles, which basically further cannibalized sales of ME3 on Wii U.
    – Barely advertised the Wii U version of their own game.

    If they released Andromeda on Switch at the same time as other versions, none of these things would be issues and the game would sell better than its Wii U sibling as a result.
    Yet they’re still not doing it.
    They are using the most worthless excuse, out of any they could have chosen, to avoid having to dev the game for the Switch. It’s not nearly as much of a risky or doomed-to-fail prospect as they made the Wii U entry become.

    My bet for their reasons, if this rumor is true, is one of two things:
    #1 Because they didn’t get one of the stronger kits soon enough to make a port ready for simultaneous release with the other versions.
    #2 Because they’ve got a clearer idea of all the other games that the launch will have than the rest of the public, and they don’t feel like they can compete with it using just Andromeda.

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