New Dragon Quest XI Video Reveals Flying Mount on PS4, Camping Menu and Glimpse on Combat


    joab77711m ago(Edited 5m ago)

    When is this releasing in the west? Please don’t be this spring!

    Interesting in a way because FF and DQ have done battle since the beginning, with the original FF coming out in a big way with its first game. DQ has remained fairly old school while we all know what route FF has taken. I didn’t like FF13 because I wanted a next gen FF game, in which they used the new tech to spruce up its features, but instead we got a linear mess. Combat was great but many key features were gone.

    Lost Odyssey and No No Kuni proved that it could be done, using new hardware to deliver amazing jrpgs. Now, we get FF15, which I do like a lot, but we also get a trusty next gen rpg with DQXI. I know it won’t sell as well, but it’s cool to see that they are both going strong all these years later. This and No No Kuni 2 are gonna make 2017 amazing! Add P5 and Nioh and damn!!

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