Apple's not very good, really quite poor 2016


    Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives.

    A lot to think about?

    Photo by Stephen Lam, Getty Images

    As they drift off for their one- or two-day vacations shortly, will Apple’s senior executives be patting themselves on the back? Or will they be slapping themselves on the forehead?

    Apple’s 2016 was garlanded with the usual hype, but not somehow with the usual excitement.

    Perhaps you’re excited by profits. Most real people, however, simply want to witness, feel and enjoy something that, to them, feels both new and exciting.

    In this, Apple was quite woeful.

    It began with an iPhone SE and a smaller iPad Pro. Utilitarian? For sure. Exciting? Perhaps not.

    In March, respected Apple commentator Walt Massberg mused — or perhaps pleaded: “The iPhone 7 had better be spectacular.”

    The iPhone 7 turned out to be as spectacular as Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but a little more waterproof. The headphone jack was gone and some very strange-looking AirPod headphones were promised and then not delivered until very late.

    When you looked at Apple’s Phil Schiller insisting that removing the headphone jack represented “courage,” you thought that the only courage here involved offering that sort…

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