'The Empire Strikes Back' Force-choked by Honest Trailers


    Leave it to Honest Trailers to find something to make fun of in the one Star Wars film that’s hard to find fault with.

    In a YouTube video posted Tuesday, Honest Trailers takes a closer look at the ’80s film “The Empire Strikes Back.”

    Honest Trailers reminds us that even though this is the Star Wars movie that has the best moments, there’s still plenty to shake our heads at. After all, Boba Fett was one of the coolest characters, but got the least amount of screen time.

    The parody trailer even points out how many times Han Solo, well…points. Who knew everyone’s favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder used his hands so much when he talked?

    But the harshest criticism has to be of poor Luke Skywalker, who Honest Trailers mocks for crashing his X-Wing into a swamp; getting tricked by Darth Vader into falling into a hole; running out of a warm cave to freeze to death in a Hoth snowstorm; losing a lightsaber fight to slow-moving pieces of furniture; and ignoring the advice of the last living Jedi.

    Even Yoda can’t argue with that.

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