Shopper dumps elderly woman head first into a rubbish BIN in the middle of confrontation at off-licence


    A shocking video shows the moment a shopper dumps an elderly lady in a rubbish bin after a heated confrontation at an off-licence .

    The footage, which was captured by CCTV cameras in a liquor store thought to be in the Bronx, New York, shows the pensioner and the woman exchanging a heated conversation.

    Wearing a hat and bright pink trousers, the younger woman towers over the elderly lady before suddenly pushing her backwards.

    The lady stumbles as the young woman knocks her to the ground.

    The women confront each other in the middle of the store
    (Photo: YouTube)
    The younger woman shoves the elderly lady to the floor
    (Photo: YouTube)

    Horrified witnesses try to stop the fight, but the young woman ignores them and instead picks up the pensioner by her coat.

    Lifting her in the air, she then dumps her head first in the rubbish bin.

    Her friend eventually manages to grab hold of her and rushes her out of the shop, but not before the woman manages to turn and shout several parting statements.

    The clip has been shared on social media in the last two days and has already had thousands of shares and retweets.

    The young woman picks the pensioner up by her coat
    (Photo: YouTube)
    And shoves her head first into a bin
    (Photo: YouTube)

    On Twitter, viewers expressed their shock at the video, with one user writing: “Why are people laughing at this? That lady is elderly.

    “The way she fell, she could’ve broke something. That girl was wrong.”

    Another added: “This generation messed up in all types of ways.”

    It is not known whether…

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