Fifty Shades Darker's Second Trailer Reveals Even Naughtier Sex


    Author E.L. James wasn’t kidding when she gave Fifty Shades Darker its title.

    The sexy times are taken a notch up in the film the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. A second trailer for the anticipated film, released Wednesday, shows Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and her off-again, on-again, powerful boyfriend Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) getting frisky on a bed, in a shower, in a gym and even inside a crowded elevator.

    In Fifty Shades Darker, Grey manages to convince Steele to forgive him (for being a seemingly soulless, emotionless, commitment-phobic jerk) and take him back, after which they take their BDSM relationship to the next level.


    Conflict arises with the arrival of Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger), aka “Mrs. Robinson,” the woman who apparently abused Grey when he was younger and helped make him…

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