Meghan Markle Spotted Buying Flowers (Take a Hint, Prince Harry!)


    Everything is coming up roses for Meghan Markle

    The Suits star was spotted carrying bouquets of tulips and pink roses while out and about in Toronto. Draped in a blush coat over a black sweater and pants, the actress tried to stay incognito in a pair of sunglasses, but her wide grin assured the crowd that she was in high spirits. 

    While she’s lying low in Canada, her royal significant other, Prince Harry, finished up his royal tour of the Caribbean on Sunday. Now that those travel obligations have ended, perhaps the 32-year-old can pay a visit to his leading lady—and bring her a few more bouquets to boot. 

    Though the two spent Thanksgiving apart—Markle was with her parents while Prince Harry had just begun his royal tour—there’s no time like the holidays to squeeze in some kisses underneath the mistletoe. Plus, a source told E! News in early November that there was talk of Harry planning a trip to meet Markle’s family in America. 

    Markle already took the transatlantic flight to Kensington Palace in mid-November just after Prince Harry had publicly confirmed their romance and made a plea to the public to respect her privacy. 

    During an interview with a young local girl in Guyana on Sunday, Harry briefly touched on the pros and cons of royal life—or as he put it, the “good and bad.”

    “Firstly, I definitely don’t rule the country. What is it like being a prince? Good and bad. There’s lots of privileges of course…

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