Memes that need to die along with 2016


    RIP: Here are the memes we’re hoping die by 2017.

    Photo by Graphic created by Alfred Ng/CNET

    In a year where memes finally became bigger than Jesus Christ, there are a handful we hope don’t return in 2017.

    We laughed. We cried. We shared these memes. But now it’s time for them to go.

    In complete fairness, all memes are awful. None goes viral because it’s a well-crafted or original.

    “The things that go viral are very often crap,” said Filippo Menczer, director at Indiana University’s Center for Complex Networks and Systems research arm. “You’re just as likely to retweet something because you see it as you are thinking it’s really good.”

    In an ongoing study, Menczer is looking at the difference in content shared when a person sees 10 posts compared with when someone sees 100 posts. He’s found that quality gets drowned in a sea of shitposts.

    Here are the worst of the worst.

    Pepe the Frog: It’s not every day that a meme becomes a hate symbol. The…

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