Football Leaks: Ronaldo and Mourinho accused of tax avoidance


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    Cristiano Ronaldo is said to be named in a leak of documents

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho have avoided paying tax on millions of dollars of earnings by channelling money abroad, according to claims based on a huge document leak.

    Ronaldo, the Real Madrid star, and Mourinho, the Manchester United manager, allegedly moved large sums to the British Virgin Islands.

    The allegations are said to be based on two terrabytes of leaked information which include original contracts.

    Ronaldo and Mourinho deny the claims.

    In a statement via their agent, Jorge Mendes, they said they had complied with the law.

    Mendes’s company Gestifute said Ronaldo and Mourinho had “fully respected their obligations vis-a-vis the Spanish and British authorities”.

    The claims were published by an international consortium of journalists which obtained millions of documents.

    The European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) consortium includes German newspaper Der Spiegel, Spain’s El Mundo and the UK’s Sunday Times. The consortium says it intends to publish a series of articles under the banner “Football Leaks” over the next few weeks.

    The leak comes eight months after the so-called Panama Papers lifted the lid on how the world’s rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth.

    One of the papers in the consortium, the Dutch NRC,…

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