Dusk lets you live stream yourself anonymously, so you can talk about those sensitive topics


    The online privacy debate is in full swing for quite some time now. And it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The online privacy concerns have been such a hot topic that a lot of people wouldn’t say what they think on the Internet, fearing they might be judged by other or that their opinion might have serious repercussions on their offline life, as well.

    This is where Dusk comes in. It’s an app for iOS and tvOS that lets you live stream your confessions, opinions and stories with the world completely anonymously.

    Dusk is created with one simple idea – no tracking at all. It will not ask for your email, Facebook profile, or anything else. Instead, when you go to create an account you have only two available fields – username and PIN. The PIN is exactly what it sounds like – 4-digit code that serves as a password for your chosen username. It is a security solution that stood the test of time for many decades, and most importantly, unlike fingerprint identity verification, it doesn’t require you to submit biometric data. And despite the fact that the app doesn’t store any user data, it features an end-to-end encryption, just in case.

    Upon first logging into Dusk, the app will take you through a short process, in which it will pixelate your face and modify your voice. From that point on, you’re free to begin using it, be it to share your own anonymous thoughts, or listen to those of others. And in case there’s no one streaming right now, you can watch past videos, that feature the same style of pixelated faces and distorted voices.


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