BBM for Android updated with support for longer chats


    New features and improvements are now available for BBM on Android devices. BlackBerry has just pushed a new update that adds support for longer chats and a few more improvements.

    Once one of the most popular instant messaging apps for mobile devices, BBM lost a lot of users to rival apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp. However, that doesn’t mean that BlackBerry will stop supporting the application.

    As mentioned earlier, BlackBerry deployed a new update for BBM on the Android devices, which is supposed to offer support for longer chats. If you’ve been running into issues with long messages, this update should address those problems.

    Aside from that, the update also allows users to access all Free Stickers in one tap from BBM Discovery Tab. This is simply a tweak that improves user experience, it’s not a new features.

    The official changelog also mentions that BBM now offers more secure sign in for users who signed up with phone. Obviously, a fair share of bug fixes have been implemented as well, but no additional details on any of them have been disclosed.

    Although this is a rather small update with a short changelog, it’s recommended to download the latest BBM version to benefit from the new features and improvements.

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