In Marlee Roberts' Debut Feature, <em>Little Miss Perfect</em>, Beauty and Beast Collide


    A poignant, truly unique depiction of what it really feels like to be a teen, Little Miss Perfect, the new film from Marlee Roberts, elegantly delivers a memorable portrait of that formative age. It’s Ms. Roberts’ first feature, with her younger sister, Karlee Roberts, portraying a troubled teen led into an intense eating disorder, and, let us say, more.

    Ms. Roberts has produced over 20 previous projects, and she’s a member of the Alliance of Women Directors, New York Women in Film and Television, Women in Film, and the Women in Moving Pictures Society. After a year of festival nominations and wins, NYU Tisch alumna Roberts (and the younger Roberts, notably the youngest student ever to attend Columbia University) bring their nuanced cinematic portraiture to the public. Little Miss Perfect is rolling out for a limited theatrical run, and it’s newly available on iTunes.


    Writer-Director Marlee Roberts

    It was my pleasure to conduct a post-screening Q&A with the director and two of her leads — Karlee, plus rising talent Isabella “Izzy” Palmieri. Here are the highlights, starting with asking Marlee about the genesis of her film.

    I was given a writing assignment, my freshman year at NYU, to adapt a fairy tale. We were just supposed to write a little treatment, and then a scene for it — and I kind of kept going with it. What I decided was to adapt ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and make Belle and the Beast the same person; and have Belle struggle with this idea of learning to love herself. In the original fairy tale, a curse is put on the…

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