DECORATION DISPUTE 3 shot while hanging lights after passing driver fight


    Three men hanging Christmas lights were shot Wednesday night after getting into an argument with a passing motorist, police in Philadelphia said. 

    The victims told police that they were outside decorating their homes in the city’s Juanita neighborhood with Christmas lights when a dark grey Chevy Impala with tinted windows drove down their block, Fox 29 reported. 

    The vehicle initially drove past the victims, before backing up while a passenger asked the victims if they had a problem and if they had hit his car.

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    At that time, another man who was standing outside with the victims asked the front passenger if he had a problem. The front passenger then took out a handgun and fired at the victims, police told Fox 29.

    The vehicle then pulled off down the block and as it did, the front passenger fired 4-5 more time at the victims, striking them.

    The victims are 28, 34 and 36. They were transported to area hospitals and listed in stable condition.

    The shooter is described as a black male in his…

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