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    Questions raised by latest CFB playoff rankings


    Check out the highlights from Week 11 of college football and where each team is ranked in the Amway Coaches Poll.
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    As always, this public service announcement. The final set of College Football Playoff rankings, which will be released Dec. 4, means everything. Every other set — including this latest one — means nothing. The selection committee acknowledges that’s so, and yet keeps doing it, anyway. It’s almost like they like throwing rocks at the hornets’ nest that is college football and then watching the angry swarms form.

    But the CFP Top 25 does provide a window into what the committee members think at any given point. The rankings themselves, and to a lesser extent the explanations given by committee chair Kirby Hocutt, provide insight into at least some of the factors that will matter when they’re finally compiling the final rankings — you know, the only one that matters.

    Each week’s ranking — and Hocutt’s answers — inevitably raise more questions. We’ll answer a few of them.

    What should the rankings have been?

    1. Alabama

    2. Not Your Team

    3. You’re Stunned

    4. That’s About Right

    5. OUTRAGE


    No, we’re just kidding. Here are the actual questions and answers:

    What would it take for Alabama to get left out of the Playoff?

    A giant meteor. Or a loss either to Chattanooga or in the SEC championship game to a heavy, heavy underdog from the SEC East (OK, or both). The…

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