Westworld Episode 7: Rewatch That Memorable Scene [SPOILERS]


    This post contains massive spoilers about Westworld.

    HBO has released a new behind-the-scenes Westworld clip in which the shows creators and stars discuss the “big moment” from last night’s Episode 7. As we saw, Bernard is revealed to be not actually a human, but instead a robot. Not only that, but Dr. Ford instructs him to kill Theresa Cullen, his former lover, as part of a “blood sacrifice.”

    “Poor, poor Bernard,” Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy says in the video. “He thinks of himself as kind of crucial to the workings of the park and one of the masterminds–not one of the people being used. Ford has been manipulating him and using him as a tool. Dr. Ford acts his own self-interests and what he believes are the interests of the park. Tragically, he uses [Bernard] to kill his lover.”

    Watch the full video to hear from the show’s other creator, Jonathan Nolan, as well as Bernard actor Jeffrey Wright. For a much deeper dive into Westworld Episode 7, “Trompe L’oeil,” read this post to find out what Wright had to say.

    In other news about Westworld, though a second season has not been announced, we now know what one of the plot points will be if the show gets picked up for a Season 2.

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