Samsung seeks a Korean patent for a folding smartphone


    The Korean Intellectual Property Office has received a patent application from Samsung for a smartphone that folds in half like a flip phone. Folding the device shut would turn on a second screen placed on the outer case of the handset. The screen on the inside of the device folds when the unit is closed shut.

    The image of the device that accompanies the patent application bares more than a passing resemblance to the folding Samsung product seen in a 2013 ad for Sammy’s Youm flexible displays. You might also recall the images of flexible OLED displays that Samsung showed off back in 2011.

    In the future, we could see a screen that folds in half allowing for a form factor as seen in the patent. We also could see a screen so flexible that it turns a smartphone into a smartwatch/bracelet, and a tablet into a smartphone. Lenovo demonstrated these at Lenovo TechWorld in June.

    Check out some images from the patent application by clicking on the slideshow below. By the way, the name of the application is “Flexible Electronic Device.”

    click here to read more.


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